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Prevent Chafing: Winter Skincare Tips

In the midst of winter, the blistering winds outside and dry heat inside make for some serious skin dehydration. Chapped lips, itchy skin, and dull hair are a few of the skin issues most people endure in the winter, and you can imagine how those issues are multiplied by people who use adult incontinence products such as diapers and catheters. Chafing is multiplied and discomfort is prevalent when you don’t take care of your skin! If you’re experiencing dry, chapped, or swollen skin, it means you’re not giving it the TLC it needs. Here are a few winter-specific skin care… Read More

Fluid Management: The Diet(?) That’s Transforming Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a condition that affects 200 million people worldwide. About 80% of sufferers are women, and for many, the symptoms are invasive, severe, and life-affecting. For those with urinary incontinence – and it could happen to anyone – simple, day-to-day tasks, like exercising and cleaning, are made stressful due to the risk of a potential accident. Recently, doctors have been advising that patients with UI practice fluid management, a type of diet monitoring that eliminates excess fluid in the bladder. The concept is quite simple, as is the execution. The less water that is in the bladder, the… Read More

Four Tips For New Adult Care Takers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has been having interviewers ask Americans about how they spend their day since 2003, but in 2010 they started asking about a new activity: elder care.  They found that in 2011 between 22 and 23 percent of those ages 45 to 64 identify themselves as elder care providers, along with 16 percent of those over age 65.  There are millions of people around the country taking care of elderly family members and non-related loved ones, but transitioning to a care taker can be difficult.  Now you aren’t just responsible for yourself, your spouse, and your… Read More

Three Common Medications That Could Be Making Your Incontinence Worse

Adult incontinence can be managed through a variety of products and treatments.  Some people find that medication helps them manage their incontinence problems, and others find that changes in diet and exercise helped them the most.  Many doctors tell their patients that they should avoid certain foods to keep their incontinence under control.  You know that you should avoid drinking a lot of water and that you should cut caffeine out of your diet, but did you know that something in your medicine cabinet could be making your incontinence worse?  Certain medications you take on a regular basis could be… Read More

Women Only Health: Five Tips For Managing Incontinence In The Work Place

There are 25 million adults in the United States who have transient or chronic urinary incontinence, and it’s estimated that 75%-80% of those people are women.  Urinary incontinence can affect women of all ages for a variety of reasons.  Some develop incontinence issues during and after pregnancy, others develop incontinence when it isn’t related to another medical condition.  Either way, there are millions of women that have incontinence and try to find ways to not let it affect their lives.  Many professional women with urinary incontinence search for ways to keep their incontinence from affecting their work.  There are countless… Read More

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