Staying Healthy in 2015

Staying active and healthy is a difficult challenge with the advent of so much technology that allows us to do so much while sitting on our bottoms.  Here are ten simple ways to stay healthier in 2015 without having to make a complete lifestyle change:

Step 1: Wash the linens! Dust mites are a major allergy trigger and love to hang out in your sheets.  Wash them and your pillowcases in hot water weekly to help keep them away.

Step 2: Feeling suddenly stressed out? Get up and move your body!  Try doing 25 jumping jacks or some other quick form of movement.  Quick exercises will help keep your body from going down typical stress channels.

Step 3: Silence your phone at night. Don’t let your sleep be continuously interrupted by texts and phone calls.  Undisturbed sleep is paramount to having a good day and being able to think clearly.

Step 4: Crank down the volume on your headphones. Listening to music too loudly can cause hearing loss over time.  Many recommend listening to music at no more than 60% of the max for no more than 60 minutes a day.

Step 5: Follow the path of Bugs Bunny and munch on carrots! Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, and just one half cup has almost double the amount you need for healthy eyes.  So if you’re looking to keep your eyes strong and healthy, eat more carrots.

Health in 2015

 Step 6: Wear an activity tracker. There are plenty out there to buy, but you can even wear a plain old pedometer.  Studies show people who wear a device tracking their steps are more likely to be active.

Step 7: Feeling down or grumpy? Make some instant hot chocolate or grab a small bite of chocolate.  Chocolate is a good way to boost your mood almost immediately.

Step 8: Take a step outside! Fresh air is full of oxygen and feel-good negative ions.  Taking a short walk outside can help boost your endorphins and energy.

Step 9: Find a hobby. A hobby gives you something to do outside of work and all the other parts of life.  It’s a good way to connect with other people and spend free time constructively.

Step 10: Many people also need incontinence supplies. Making sure a person who needs these supplies has ones that fit, and are comfortable can be difficult to figure out.  Check out J & B Medical Supply Co., Inc. to make sure your needs or those of a loved one are met.  Having the proper supplies can reduce discomfort and help people feel better about themselves.


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