Tips for Managing Adult Incontinence


People with adult incontinence can be overwhelmed when trying to manage the condition. However, there are a few ways to make living with adult incontinence a little more bearable. There are so many products on the market today that you can rest assured you will find one to fit your needs. From ultra-thin super discreet protection to swimwear, you can be comforted by the fact there are products designed to help you. No matter your age, finding the right product is easy and trying new methods to help manage incontinence issues can be a big help.

When you are looking for protection, you don’t have to give up the type of undergarments you are used to wearing. You can find incontinence briefs that are just as comfortable as regular briefs and feature a discreet design, making it impossible for others to tell they are any different than regular underwear. You benefit from ultra-lightweight material that is strong enough to protect against leaks while not spending a fortune for great protection. Of course there are other options available if incontinence briefs are not your style. There are liners and pads on the market that contour in shape for form-fitting comfort that can be worn with regular underwear.

Managing adult incontinence can sometimes be a struggle, but if you try some new tips, it may help you alleviate the symptoms. Some behavioral training and lifestyle changes could work well for you like double voiding. This technique involves you urinating than waiting a few minutes and urinating again all in one trip to the restroom. This can help you learn to empty your bladder more completely which could help avoid overflow incontinence.

Another technique could be distractions when you have an urge. This could help you control your urges by relaxing, distracting yourself with an activity or breathing slowly. Additionally, you can set scheduled toilet trips instead of waiting for the need to go. A schedule to the toilet every two to four hours could provide some benefits to you because you won’t try to go on a needed basis, making trips to the restroom more predictable.

Try these products and techniques for managing adult incontinence, and decreasing its interference with your daily activities!


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