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Wixom, MI-April 27, 2013 - During the summer months, many families will travel for vacations. But for those dealing with adult incontinence, travel can sometimes throw things off schedule, and lead to worries of leaks or accidents. DiaperBuys.com discusses ways to ensure safe and comfortable travel.

Many times, long flights can throw off a previously established schedule. For those dealing with adult incontinence and long flights or car trips, DiaperBuys.com suggests adhering to a schedule as strictly as possible.

This schedule also applies to eating and drinking, as well. Staying hydrated and avoiding constipation are two ways to help reduce the risk of an accident, as well as avoiding bladder irritation. Try to stay with a normal schedule as much as possible while traveling to keep any stray incontinence symptoms at bay.

Many people, men and women alike, deal with adult incontinence on a regular basis. When traveling, controlling odors in close quarters like planes, cars, or busses, can be nerve wracking. Keeping skin clean and dry is the key to controlling odors and putting the mind at ease. Disposable incontinence products like wipes and lotions will help keep the skin clean and moisturized to reduce odors and discomfort.

Of course, DiaperBuys.com recommends having plenty of incontinence products available during a trip. Diapers/briefs, undergarments, as well as liners and pads are all available and easy to pack. It may even be a good idea to bring an "emergency kit" with an extra stash of wipes, liners, and a change of clothes. This will help ease any worries about having an accident while away from the home or hotel.

It is also important to be as familiar as possible with surroundings while traveling. On planes, booking an aisle seat will eliminate the need to climb over other passengers to visit the restroom. When traveling abroad, carrying change will allow necessary visits to the bathroom for the all-too-common paid public toilet.

Simply talking to a doctor before traveling can also ease many tensions when dealing with adult incontinence while traveling. Doctors can help identify leakage triggers, prescribe medication specifically for travel, or suggest other incontinence management options.

Travel during the summer months can mean many things, including trips to the beach, amusement parks, national parks, or even just trips to reconnect with family. Worrying about adult incontinence shouldn’t spoil the trip, and it helps to be prepared with tips and tricks to prevent any leaks, accidents, or discomfort.

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