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DiaperBuys Raising Awareness of Bladder Infections in Older Women

Wixom, MI --- February 4, 2014 – DiaperBuys, a national online retailer of incontinence supplies, wants to ensure women everywhere are aware of the symptoms, risks and tips to manage a common health issue: urinary tract infections (UTIs) or bladder infections in women, and in particular, in older women.

Bladder infections can occur in both men and women, but are far more common in women. While more than half of all women are afflicted with a bladder infection at some point in their lives, they become more difficult to diagnose with age.

Although they cause discomfort and can become serious, in most women, UTIs can be cleared up relatively quickly with proper treatment. Symptoms can include a burning sensation when urinating, frequent urge to urinate, passing only small amounts of urine despite the urge to urinate, urine that is cloudy or bloody, and bladder spasms. A fever or chills are two symptoms that can indicate the infection has spread to the kidneys and become more serious. Therefore early diagnosis and treatment are very important, before more serious health issues occur.

Older women may also be affected by recurring UTIs, which can make daily living a challenge. And in the most elderly women, the signs and symptoms can become more difficult to diagnose – they can include lethargy and confusion, as well as the onset of urinary incontinence. If a caregiver notices these traits in a loved one who does not normally experience them, they should be examined by a physician.

"There are a number of products on the market for those afflicted with bladder infections – either short in the short term or those who tend to have recurring infections," notes Beth Shollenberger, RN, Education and Community Outreach Manager for DipaerBuys.com. "There are wipes that can be used for hygiene, and liners or pull-ons for those whose bladder infections are causing either temporary or permanent issues with adult incontinence, making the conditions easier to manage for both self-sufficient adults and those who require more care."

"The liners, wipes and pull-ons readily available on the market today offer both protection and peace of mind to those affected with UTIs," continues Shollenberger. "Bladder infections can be very uncomfortable, given the burning sensations and the patient’s need to frequently empty their bladder. We recommend that patients drink at least eight glasses of water per day and urinate often, and clean properly after every episode."

DiaperBuys offers the convenience of online shopping and home delivery, with experts available to answer any questions customers have while selecting the products to best manage their conditions. With a wide variety of quality products available to ship directly to customers’ homes at an affordable price, and nurses on staff to answer any product questions that arise, DiaperBuys can help those suffering from bladder conditions and incontinence continue to live active and healthy lifestyles.

About DiaperBuys

DiaperBuys is a division of J & B Medical Supply Co. Inc. DiaperBuys supplies their customers with adult incontinence supplies and baby and juvenile diapers for highly competitive prices. The site also offers customers free shipping for certain products and competitive pricing on every item in stock.  For more information on DiaperBuys, visit their website or call 855.289.3427.