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DiaperBuys Celebrates National Senior Independence Month

Wixom, MI --- February 18, 2015 – DiaperBuys, a national online retailer of incontinence supplies, wants to remind all senior citizens that although there can be challenges associated with aging, there are many ways to remain healthy, active and live independently.

“February is National Senior Independence Month, and we love the fact that there is a month designated to celebrate the concept of seniors continuing to thrive in their lives and homes,” notes Beth Shollenberger, RN, Education and Community Outreach Manager for DiaperBuys.com.

Created to address the concerns of the senior population and promote their continued health and well being, there are many ways for seniors to ensure they can keep living in their homes for years to come.

“As we age, it’s important to adjust our surroundings and make sure that what worked for us in our earlier years is not hindering us as we age,” notes Shollenberger.

Some smart adjustments that can be made around the home include installing grab bars in key areas such as bathrooms and showers, where floors can get slippery and falls occur more frequently among older homeowners. Clearing clutter becomes more important, as well – avoiding a trip-and-fall in the first place, which is more dangerous to the elderly due to more easily breakable bones and longer healing times, can go a long way toward remaining at home versus having to move, even temporarily, into a long-term care facility. Making sure homes are well-lit and nightlights are installed where needed will also aid in keeping seniors safe, as will moving items on higher shelves down to a more easily reachable area.

“With regard to keeping healthy, doctor’s appointments and check-ups are even more important as we age,” continues Shollenberger. “Make sure you visit doctors for annual check-ups, follow up on health concerns, and get any new symptoms examined by the appropriate specialist as soon as possible.”

Staying active is important at any age, and even though running marathons or heavy weightlifting may no longer be a part of a senior’s regimen, walking, stretching, and light activity is extremely effective in helping seniors remain strong.

According to Shollenberger, it’s also important to remain in contact with friends and loved ones. “Keeping in touch adds to the quality of life; socialization is extremely important and adds an element of fun to everyday living.”

Finally, keeping stocked up on food, batteries, flashlights, and other important items can make a big difference when bad weather hits.

“Making sure seniors have a supply of their necessary medications, incontinence supplies and other important items means they don’t have to venture out in a storm, or be worried about running out of necessities,” concludes Shollenberger. “As a supplier of incontinence items – many of which are designed to promote an active lifestyle while managing the symptoms of incontinence – DiaperBuys will work with you to ensure you have the right incontinence products for your needs and will conveniently and discreetly ship them right to your front door. We provide samples so our customers can check comfort and fit of products before committing to a large purchase, and we provide live customer service by registered nurses to discuss any questions or concerns.”

With so many easy and convenient tips, many seniors should have no problem enjoying their golden years at home, with the people and belongings they love.

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