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DiaperBuys Celebrates National Bladder Health Month

November 25 -- November is National Bladder Health Month, and the urinary incontinence supply retailer DiaperBuys hopes that people will take time this month to educate themselves on the importance of maintaining bladder health.  According to the National Association For Continence, 25 million adults have some form of transient or chronic urinary incontinence.  In a country where millions are diagnosed with urinary incontinence, interstitial cystitis, and bladder cancer, Bladder Health Month is a crucial step to recognize the many causes of incontinence, which include diseases like MS and Parkinsons, as well as incontinence caused by medications, weakening muscles, etc .

“While millions of men and women across the country are living with incontinence, the condition doesn’t have to prevent them from leading an active, enjoyable life,” notes Beth Shollenberger, RN, Education and Community Outreach Manager for DipaerBuys.com. “There are a wealth of resources and products to help them continue to participate in the activities they enjoy.”

For instance, many adults with incontinence issues need only minor assistance, in the form of incontinence briefs, undergarments, or pads and liners, to manage their condition. As well, there are many simple lifestyle tips that can be followed to help minimize discomfort and symptoms.

DiaperBuys tries to go above and beyond the average retail experience by offering certain helpful services for their customers.  Since they sell medical supplies, they knew that some of their customers would need assistance. 

“As a premier provider of incontinence products, we know about the problems that people with bladder conditions face,” Shollenberger said, “At DiaperBuys we are pleased to offer the convenience of online shopping, backed by excellent service and expert advice when questions arise.  We have nurses on staff to help patients choose the right products to manage conditions and continue to live a healthy, active lifestyle.  “


About DiaperBuys

DiaperBuys is a division of J & B Medical Supply Co. Inc. DiaperBuys supplies their customers with adult incontinence supplies and baby and juvenile diapers for highly competitive prices. The site also offers customers free shipping for certain products and competitive pricing on every item in stock.  For more information on DiaperBuys, visit their website or call 855.289.3427.