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Potty Training Must Haves

Wixom MIMay 30, 2013 — Potty training toddlers can be a stressful experience for new and veteran parents alike. DiaperBuys.com discusses potty training must have items and techniques to make the experience as smooth as possible.

Patience is the number one thing needed by parents when toilet training toddlers. It’s best to listen to the child for his or her own readiness signals. Toddlers who are able to walk to and sit down on the potty chair on their own, have the ability to pull down the diaper, children who notify parents verbally of a wet diaper, and children who express the need to use the bathroom to a parent are all showing signs of physical and mental readiness for toilet training.

Schedules are also hugely important for new potty users. Letting your child spend time sitting on the potty chair or toilet fully clothed or in a diaper will help him get used to the chair. After he gets used to the potty, encourage him to visit the bathroom at regular intervals. Not only will this help his body get used to evacuating on a schedule, but it will also be more convenient for parents as well. Additionally, make sure everyone is on the same page with the potty training schedules, including grandparents, friends, and daycares.

Pull ons are extremely beneficial for toilet training toddlers, because they will quickly get used to the feeling of training pants that more resemble “big kid” underwear, which will make the transition to regular underwear easier and less stressful. Many training pants will have features like wetness detection, or designs that fade when wet, so toddlers can see or feel when they are wet, and begin to equate the feeling with needing to go to the bathroom sooner.

Potty chairs are a must have for parents of potty training toddlers. Whether it’s in the bathroom, living room, or even a portable one to be brought along on outings, keeping the potty around will help pique the child’s natural interest and encourage her to use the potty when she needs to. Once that skill has been mastered, toddlers can move on to the big toilet.

Many children master daytime toilet training quickly, but nighttime training is a different story. Nighttime pants for girls and boys are disposable underpants for children who have trouble with nighttime training. Parents should keep these extra absorbency supplies around for a while to make sure there are no midnight accidents.

Accidents are bound to happen, especially while away from home. Toddler wipes will help keep the child clean, as will a change of clothes. Keep some supplies on the shelf for a while, especially since regression is common if the child becomes stressed from starting daycare, preschool, or kindergarten, or if a new baby is introduced in the home.

Potty training can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Parents who have supplies like potty chairs, pull ons, and extra absorbency supplies for nighttime, and parents who let their children decide when the right time to train is, will have much more success than those who try and force a child into training.

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