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Incontinence Supplies Product Finder

Finding the right incontinence supplies can be difficult, that's why we put together our product finder questionnaire. By providing answers to the questions below our site will make product recommendations that seem to fit your specific needs. We're always looking for ways to improve our customer's experience at DiaperBuys, so feel free to contact us with any suggestions or comments you may have.

Continence Level - Urine

Day Night
Continent: not incontinent
Usually continent: rarely incontinent, may have one per week
Occasional incontinent: not daily, a couple times per week
Frequently incontinent: incontinent daily, may be continent for hours at a time
Incontinent: multiple episodes of incontinence

Urine Incontinence Output

Day Night
No incontinence
Light: less than 100cc at a time
Moderate: 100-300cc (1 cup) at a time
Heavy: 300-500cc, (1-2 cups) at time
Very Heavy: more than 550cc at a time

Bowel Incontinence

Day Night
Continent no bowel episodes
Occasional fecal smears
Occasional fecal episodes
Fecal incontinent

Toileting Ability/ Mobility

Day Night
No assistance: ambulatory
Minimal assistance: may need a little help
Moderate assistance: need help of one or more person
Immobile/unable to ambulate, Change positions. Can not use commode or toliet

Other Consideration

Day Night
Oriented: able to communicate
Slightly confused: sometimes able to share needs
Confused: unable to share needs
Skin condition: fair and intact to poor and breakdown present