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Prevent Chafing: Winter Skincare Tips

In the midst of winter, the blistering winds outside and dry heat inside make for some serious skin dehydration. Chapped lips, itchy skin, and dull hair are a few of the skin issues most people endure in the winter, and you can imagine how those issues are multiplied by people who use adult incontinence products such as diapers and catheters. Chafing is multiplied and discomfort is prevalent when you don’t take care of your skin! If you’re experiencing dry, chapped, or swollen skin, it means you’re not giving it the TLC it needs. Here are a few winter-specific skin care… Read More

Three Tips For Beating The Holiday Blues In Seniors

The holidays are here once again, and if you’re a care taker you’re busy caring for your loved one while you prepare for the holidays.  You and your family may be full of holiday cheer, but the person you’re caring for may not be in the holiday spirit.  Depression in the elderly can be a serious problem, and the holidays can bring out some painful memories and sad moods.  Some elderly people get sad during the holidays because they may be thinking of loved ones they’ve lost over the years, or their current state of health may make them depressed… Read More

Urinary Incontinence By The Numbers

You know that urinary incontinence affects millions of adults, but have you ever wondered just how many?  Have you ever thought about how much money people spend each year on urinary incontinence treatments and products?  The National Association For Continence (NAFC) knows the answers to these questions and many others.  The NAFC is dedicated to informing others about the facts about incontinence in children and adults, and to get people with incontinence problems the help and information they need to manage their conditions. They have collected a lot of data about incontinence and incontinence related problems.  You can visit their website… Read More

Four Tips For Caring For An Elderly Loved One

Taking care of an elderly loved one can very a very rewarding experience.  Some people have always planned on caring for a loved one once they age, and others have had the responsibility thrust upon them by surprise.  It doesn’t matter what reasons lead you to becoming responsible for a senior citizen, either way proper care will take a lot of work.  It’s normal for some people to feel a little nervous or even overwhelmed about the level of responsibility they’ve taken on.  Each caregiving experience is unique, but there are a few things you can do to ensure that… Read More

The Primary Types of Adult Urinary Incontinence

Adult incontinence used to be a thing of shame, something that no one talked about. Now, things are different, and more people are actively trying to do something about their urinary incontinence, rather than hiding it. The good news is that most cases of incontinence can either be helped or even cured! Living with urinary incontinence doesn’t have to be a shameful, life-long problem. Knowing the basics of incontinence can prepare you for treating it. Stress Incontinence Stress incontinence is uncontrolled urine release when the pressure inside the bladder exceeds the pressure in the urethra, causing an involuntary discharge of… Read More

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