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September Is Baby Safety Awareness Month [Infographic]

September is here again and you know what that means! The school year is starting and the kids are off to class but that doesn’t mean parents aren’t in store for some homework. Check out this infographic about Baby Safety Awareness Month where you’ll uncover hidden home hazards and baby care tips like times to change baby diapers, how a baby should nap and more!

Tips on Saving Money on Diapers: An Infographic

View the infographic below by Diaper Buys for tips on saving money on diapers.

Our Top 4 Tips for Finding the Best Newborn Diapers

Caring for a newborn child can present parents with many new challenges, but of one these challenges shouldn’t be finding the best newborn diapers. Though it may not seem as though there’s much to choosing a diaper for your newborn—they’re all fairly absorbent, right?—there are actually many factors worth consideration. How can you easily find a newborn diaper that offers the quality you’ll need? Look for the following characteristics: Exceptional Absorption Sure, all diapers will absorb liquid, but when shopping for newborn diapers, you’ll want to seek out diapers that are known for their above-average, near exceptional absorption capabilities. In… Read More

Tips for First-time Parents

So you’re about to become a parent.  You’re probably extremely excited, but at the same time very nervous.  There’s so much running through your head about the changes which are going to happen once your new arrival is born.  We know you’re preparing their nursery, and you’ve been thinking about what to name the baby.  This is an exciting and scary time! It always helps to have advice from others, and one of the best ways you can make sure you’re prepared for the newborn is by making a to-do list and talking with those around you who have recently… Read More

The 4 Biggest Problems With Baby Diapers (And How to Solve Them)

Every parent will tell you they yearn for the days when their baby was still a baby. Parents hate seeing their children grow up too fast. However, there is one part of parenting moms and dads would love to do without: dealing with diapers and diaper problems. From the high expense to the mess that can result, diapers are anything but fun. Fortunately, for every problem there must be a solution. Here are the 5 biggest problems with baby diapers, along with practical solutions. Problem #1: Leaks Diapers are supposed to help prevent leaks and avoid messes. However, choosing a… Read More

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