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Frugal Parenting: Cut Costs, Even With an Infant

It’s often joked that having a child is the most expensive thing that you will ever do – and it’s true. On average, parents spend between $7,000 and $14,600 per year on their child’s needs, which can difficult for some people to adjust to, depending on spending habits. Of course, your little bundle of joy is invaluable to you. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the sudden need to overhaul your budget, but it’s doable, no matter what your income may be. A lot of inexperienced parents simply don’t know how to cut costs – but we have some tips… Read More

Four Ways New Parents Can Save Money

Money can be tight when you’re caring for a baby, and the financial responsibilities don’t diminish as they grow older.   The USDA recently released an estimate of how much it can cost to raise a child born in 2012 until the age of 18, and their results have a lot of parents rethinking their budgeting techniques.  The USDA estimates that parents can expect to spend $241,080 raising one child, and that number can be even higher if you live in an urban area or in the northeast.  Coupons for baby supplies can help save you money, but there are other… Read More

Four Money Saving Tips for Financially Savvy Parents

When you’re a new parent, diaper coupons and hand me downs can be helpful, but caring for a baby can still require a lot of money.  Money can be tight and you won’t be able to put as much focus on work as you normally do.  If you’re a new parent that’s looking for ways to save some money, be sure to follow these tips. Get a Convertible Car Seat People always mention that children grow up so fast, and your baby is going to outgrow their car seat before you know it.  If you want to save some money… Read More

Three Simple Tips That Make Changing Babies Easier

To new parents changing a wet baby can be more stressful and involved than disarming a bomb.  They’re constantly looking for signs of discomfort, they can’t remember if they’re supposed to lotion before they powder, and they’re worried that the next wrong move can lead to a nasty case of diaper rash.  Changing baby diapers doesn’t have to feel like solving a Rubik’s cube.  If you follow these tips the next time your baby needs a fresh diaper you’ll be a diaper-changing expert in no time. Place Supplies As Far From the Baby as Possible When your baby is fussing… Read More

More Common Than You Think: Facts About Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence (UI) is one of the most common health problems in the United States.  There are millions of citizens that need incontinence supplies and regular visits to the doctor, and there are a lot of things you should know about the condition.  Despite it’s prevalence, there are some people who still believe that UI isn’t common in people, or that they’re the only person they know with the problem. Your friends, family members, and co-workers may not be vocal about their experiences with urinary incontinence, but it’s very likely that you know someone else with UI problems.  The information… Read More

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