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Incontinence Support Groups: How Do I Find One

Support groups bring people with similar needs together.  Families, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, or caregivers may face illness, life changes, relationship, or other challenges in our lives. Looking and finding help can be overwhelming and the question often is “where do I start?” Caring for a loved one who has become incontinent due to dementia, stroke, falls, injury, cancer to name just a few challenges can create changes and challenges for everyone. Loved ones are dealing with embarrassment of leaking or wetting their clothing, needing help with personal hygiene and the activities of daily living, having to wear… Read More

Common Misconceptions about Adult Incontinence

When it comes to incontinence, there are many times when you need to separate truth from myth. There are many negative connotations with adult incontinence, but the myths aren’t always true. It’s not always a sign of old age, and it’s certainly not your fault. Read on to find out some of the biggest myths about adult incontinence, and what the truth really is. Myth: Only the elderly suffer from incontinence. Truth: Many young people deal with incontinence as well. New mothers, people with underlying medical conditions, or simply those with weaker bladder control are prone to incontinence. It is… Read More

Women and Living with Incontinence

Urine leakage is a common problem for women of all ages. Dealing and living with urine leakage is difficult, some will have only an occasional leakage while others will have daily leakage. There is often a misconception that bladder control issues are just something that happens as women get older, and that is far from true. Many female athletes have urine leakage during strenuous sport activities.   Coping and living with adult incontinence starts with simple steps to managing, planning and feeling confident. Some lifestyle changes are as simple as planning on how much water to drink and when to… Read More

Four Tips for Managing Stress Incontinence

Dealing with urinary incontinence can be difficult at times, and many of the millions of Americans with the condition find themselves struggling with what medical professionals call “stress incontinence”.  Stress incontinence is defined as losing urine without meaning to during certain physical activities.  These activities can be as rigorous as sexual activity and exercise, or as slight as sneezing or laughing.  Some people with urinary incontinence problems actively avoid exercise and physical activities, but there isn’t a need to.  If you have incontinence issues, follow these tips the next time you’re planning on being active. Avoid Drinking Excess Liquid If… Read More

Feel Fierce in Your Female Briefs

Incontinence can be a difficult condition to deal with it, but there’s no need to be embarrassed by it. Quite the opposite – we think you should feel empowered by what you can achieve despite your incontinence. Incontinence affects both younger and older people, and more than 50% of women experience incontinence at some point in their lives. Whether you call them briefs, adult diapers, liners, or pads, you probably want to avoid talking about your “protection plan.” But did you happen to catch the Depend commercial starring Lisa Rinna last year? Lisa, who starred in Melrose Place and Days… Read More

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