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What You Need To Know About Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s quite typical for most of us to think about the month of October as a time for pumpkin picking, falling leaves and cooler temps. But October is marked for something that’s scarier than Halloween itself and that’s cancer. October signifies Breast Cancer Awareness Month and while most people may be aware of the disease, they may not know some of the symptoms, detection methods or preventative steps they can take. With that said, here are some of the important things you need to know about breast cancer. Important Points Second to skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common… Read More

Staying Healthy in 2015

Staying active and healthy is a difficult challenge with the advent of so much technology that allows us to do so much while sitting on our bottoms.  Here are ten simple ways to stay healthier in 2015 without having to make a complete lifestyle change: Step 1: Wash the linens! Dust mites are a major allergy trigger and love to hang out in your sheets.  Wash them and your pillowcases in hot water weekly to help keep them away. Step 2: Feeling suddenly stressed out? Get up and move your body!  Try doing 25 jumping jacks or some other quick… Read More

8 Ways To Keep Your Bladder Healthy

Keeping your bladder healthy is more important than you might think! Check out this reference guide for ways to keep it healthy.

The Facts About Diabetes

Do you know all the facts about diabetes? Check out this reference guide so you can learn more information.

How Can Health Trackers Benefit You?

If you haven’t heard of them yet, health trackers can help improve your overall well-being by monitoring various aspects of your health. Things like heart rate, the amount of steps you take in a day and other vital functions can all be documented in various forms for you to see some aspects of your health. Wearable devices such as wrist bands or even a mobile application on your phone can record and monitor your activities. These new and improved monitors take the old school pedometers to the next level by enhancing those basic steppers to advanced devices. Why should you… Read More

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