Four Money Saving Tips for Financially Savvy Parents

When you’re a new parent, diaper coupons and hand me downs can be helpful, but caring for a baby can still require a lot of money.  Money can be tight and you won’t be able to put as much focus on work as you normally do.  If you’re a new parent that’s looking for ways to save some money, be sure to follow these tips.

Get a Convertible Car Seat

People always mention that children grow up so fast, and your baby is going to outgrow their car seat before you know it.  If you want to save some money and make carrying your car seat easier, buy a convertible car seat for your baby.  Convertible car seats can safely accommodate an infant, and also be converted to use for toddlers and older children.  Convertible car seats are actually on average lighter than most regular baby car seats.  Regular car seats can weigh 40 pounds or more, but there are some convertible car seats that weigh as little as 10 pounds.

Don’t Go Overboard On Clothing

You’re going to feel the urge to buy every cute baby outfit you see when you’re shopping, but it’s almost guaranteed that your infant will grow out of those cute must have outfits in a matter of weeks.  Babies grow unbelievably fast in the first year of life, and clothing and diaper sizes can change in the blink of an eye.  If you stick to buying a few plain onesies, socks, and a formal outfit or two, you’ll be set in terms of baby clothes.


Rent Your Breast Pump

If you’re going to be breastfeeding your baby, you’re probably spending time online looking for a sturdy and reliable breast pump.  You already know that you can rent a home or a car, but did you know that it’s possible to rent essential baby items like breast pumps?  Breast pumps can cost several hundred dollars, but the hospital you delivered at most likely has a rentable breast pump that new mothers can use.  Get in touch with the hospital you’re planning on delivering at and see if they have rental options for breast pumps and other equipment.

Skip the Changing Table

A changing table seems like a necessity for parents with babies, but if you want to save money a cushioned diaper changing pad and flat surface will work just as well as any changing table.  You can firmly place the pad on top of your dresser for an inexpensive changing table that you can take anywhere.

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