Four Ways New Parents Can Save Money

Money can be tight when you’re caring for a baby, and the financial responsibilities don’t diminish as they grow older.   The USDA recently released an estimate of how much it can cost to raise a child born in 2012 until the age of 18, and their results have a lot of parents rethinking their budgeting techniques.  The USDA estimates that parents can expect to spend $241,080 raising one child, and that number can be even higher if you live in an urban area or in the northeast.  Coupons for baby supplies can help save you money, but there are other things you can do to keep your budget in check.

Look for transforming products

There are some baby products that are a must have, and when you’re looking for those essential baby items you should look for things that can be useful as your baby ages.  Instead of purchasing a regular highchair for your baby look for a highchair that can transform into a regular chair for toddlers.  If you want to purchase a changing table, look for one that doubles as a dresser.  You can even find car seats and cribs that can be modified as your baby ages.

Skip expensive parenting classes

A lot of new parents sign up for parenting classes so that they can learn the safest and most efficient ways to care for their baby.  These classes can give you valuable information, but they can also be rather expensive.  If you want to take a childcare class and not spend a lot of money, call up your local hospital or community center.  These places usually have childcare classes and seminars for free, or for a very affordable price.

Don’t stock up on products before the birth

There’s nothing wrong with making sure that your baby will have some clothes, diapers, and formula before their birth, but if you stock up on crates of supplies you could run into a problem.  There’s nothing worse than buying crates of cheap baby diapers and then discovering that the brand doesn’t fit your baby.  Avoid stockpiling baby supplies until you’re sure that the products and brand work for your baby.  Once you know that your baby likes the formula and that their diapers fit snuggly, feel free to start buying them in bulk.

Talk to your pediatrician before making an appointment

When you’re a new parent you can feel like every sneeze or cough requires a doctor’s appointment.  If you make a doctor’s appoint every time your baby gets a case of the sniffles, you could be spending a lot of money on unnecessary doctor’s appointments.  A good pediatrician may have the ability to diagnose an illness just by hearing the symptoms over the phone.  Don’t hesitate to take your baby to the doctor if there is something seriously wrong, but you may be able to get the medical advice you need to take care of problems by having a simple conversation.

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