Making Healthy Strides in 2016

new year goalsThe New Year is right around the corner and for many of us, it is the perfect time to take a new step in the right direction. What resolutions are on your mind for 2016? Perhaps you want to improve your financial stability, maybe you want to spend more time with family or you’d like to travel across the world. Long story short, there are plenty of New Year’s Resolutions you can make in 2016. But, if you live with adult incontinence and it’s been holding you back, consider making this the year where you change for the better by making your resolution health-related. Here are some tips to make the most of 2016 and manage your incontinence in full stride.

 1. Get Fit

Losing weight is often a popular resolution that almost everyone tries and it is a good idea for many! In fact, if you are overweight and make it a point to get fit and lose weight, you may actually alleviate some of your incontinence symptoms. By shedding a few pounds, you will relieve some pressure surrounding your bladder and that can help reduce the frequency of bathroom trips. On top of that, you can strengthen the muscle that controls your bladder by performing Kegel exercises. This type of exercise involves the practice of contracting the muscles you use to stop the flow of urine. Additionally, Kegels can be performed wherever you are, without anyone knowing.

2. Watch Your Diet

Certain foods and beverages can worsen incontinence symptoms. For instance, alcohol is a diuretic which may cause you to produce more urine than usual and that can irritate the bladder. Also, just like alcohol, beverages with caffeine like coffee and tea can put your bladder at risk for irritation and contribute to accidental leakage. Spicy and acidic foods have also shown signs to trigger accidental leakage because they contain bladder irritants. Cutting back on, or removing, these foods from your diet will help you manage incontinence throughout 2016!

3. Stay Active

Along with getting fit and watching what you eat, it’s a good idea to stay active, regardless of incontinence. Don’t let your symptoms hold you back from doing things you love because there are incontinence supplies that can provide you with discreet protection. Living with the condition can make you feel limited when it comes to activities, but don’t allow it to suppress your freedom! Take charge of the upcoming New Year and do what you love when you want, because incontinence is manageable with a little bit of planning.

Are you ready to set some new goals for a new you in 2016?

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