More Common Than You Think: Facts About Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence (UI) is one of the most common health problems in the United States.  There are millions of citizens that need incontinence supplies and regular visits to the doctor, and there are a lot of things you should know about the condition.  Despite it’s prevalence, there are some people who still believe that UI isn’t common in people, or that they’re the only person they know with the problem.

Your friends, family members, and co-workers may not be vocal about their experiences with urinary incontinence, but it’s very likely that you know someone else with UI problems.  The information in this blog post was taken from The National Association of Continence and  Tweet, share, and pin this post so your social network can learn the facts about urinary incontinence.

Did You Know That:

–       Urinary Incontinence affects 200 million people around the world

–       There are 25 million Americans with transient and/or chronic urinary incontinence

–       Women are more likely to experience incontinence issues than men.  In the United States, 75%-80% of people diagnosed with incontinence are women

–       Out of all the men and women ages 30-70 who wake up during the night to use the bathroom, more than one-third get up twice or more per night to urinate.  That behavior fits the clinical diagnosis of nocturia, the need to excessively urinate during the night.  Of these adults, one in eight say they sometimes lose urine on the way to the bathroom.

–       Only one in eight Americans who have experienced loss of bladder control have been properly diagnosed with a UI disorder.

–       Men are less likely to be diagnosed than women, less likely to talk about it with friends and family, and are more likely to be uninformed about the condition

–       On average, women wait six and a half years from the first time they experience symptoms until they obtain a diagnosis for their bladder control problem

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