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Tips for Caring for your Skin While Wearing Diapers

Diaper rash is a generalized term indicating any skin irritation that develops in the diaper-covered region; it can happen to anyone who wears diapers – babies or adults. Diaper rash can be extremely uncomfortable, so we have some tips for caring for your skin while wearing adult diapers & briefs. Change diapers often to avoid too much moisture and irritants that are in contact with the skin. Clean skin and all creases that may be present gently with mild soap and water, no-rinse cleaners, or similar products, remove all soap residues, and gently pat dry. Avoid using harsh soaps that… Read More

How Many People in the U.S. Have Adult Incontinence?

If you or a loved one is affected by adult incontinence, you should know that you are not alone. Approximately 25 million adult Americans, mostly seniors, have adult incontinence or a milder form, sometimes called bladder weakness or overactive bladder (OAB). Adult incontinence affects both men and women. While adult incontinence is most common in adults over 50 years, it can also affect younger people, especially women who have given birth. Although there has been a stigma attached to adult incontinence (especially when many adult incontinence products are called “adult diapers”), there’s no reason to be embarrassed of the condition…. Read More

The Evolution of the Diaper

You’ve probably never considered the history of diapers, but the fact is, it wasn’t too long ago that cloth diapers were the only way to protect against accidents. Not to mention the thousands of years before disposable diapers were invented. In ancient times, documents show that babies were wrapped in animal skins, moss, strips of linen or wool, leaves, and/or grass. Some babies in warmer tropical environments never even had diapers at all because they were mostly naked! During Elizabethan times a cloth type of diaper was used, however, they were generally changed so infrequently that several days worth of… Read More

Tips for Shopping for your Adult Diapers

If you suffer from adult incontinence, you are not alone. There is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed; over 25 million adults in the United States alone experience from some type of incontinence. Adult incontinence and overactive bladder (OAB) symptoms don’t have to slow you down; DiaperBuys.com has a number of adult incontinence products to fit your lifestyle. Here are some helpful suggestions to consider when shopping for adult diapers: –          Determine your degree of urinary incontinence. There are adult incontinence products available for accidental, light, medium, and heavy incontinence. –          Determine your activity level. Certain types of adult… Read More

Tips for Picking out Baby Diapers

The last thing you want with a diaper is leaks – but how do you pick out the best diapers for your baby? Here are some of our top tips for picking out baby diapers: Elastic leg bands – probably the most important thing when it comes to diapers, you want elastic leg bands that are going to keep a diaper securely attached to even the most active babies. Elastic waistbands – just like the leg bands, elastic waistbands on your baby’s diapers will stay secure, even when they start crawling and walking. Diapers with adjustable tape or Velcro fasteners… Read More

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