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Top 10 Adult Diaper Brands

In order to provide the most helpful and reliable service, Diaper Buys offers much more than diaper coupons. Instead, we have developed our trusted Diaper Buys Sample Program.  Diaper selection can be stress-free with our Sample Program, which is designed to help assist you in finding the very best adult diapers for your individual priorities. There are a few considerations to take when choosing adult diapers and they depend on your most important priorities. How much absorbency do you require? Do you intend on wearing them at night, during the day, or both? Are you active and prefer a diaper… Read More

Positive Ways Not to Allow Adult Incontinence to Control Your Life

Adult incontinence is often thought of as embarrassing, when in reality it is a very common issue many men and women experience at some point in their lives. With modern advancements, it’s nothing to stress or waste one moment of your life resenting. Instead, empower yourself and continue to lead your lifestyle without limitations. First of all, adult incontinence is more common than you probably think. Sometimes just knowing how many other people cope and deal with the same concern is enough to change your attitude. It is estimated that over 30.5 million Americans experience urinary and/or fecal adult incontinence…. Read More

A Guide to Adult Incontinence Products

If you are caring for someone with incontinence issues, neither of you might be aware of which incontinence supplies are ideal for their individual needs. To help with this important decision, we have created a guide to adult incontinence products. Adult Diapers & Briefs Description: Often mistakenly referred to as adult diapers, adult briefs feature tape tabs that stick on each side of the brief to ensure secure protection. Adult diapers/briefs are best for:  Volume – Maximum Protection Bladder: Moderate to Large Bowel: Moderate to Large Changing: Bed: easy Wheelchair: easy with help Standing: difficult Mobility: Up to complete immobility… Read More

Advances in Adult Diapers: New Developments in Comfort and Wear-ability

There have been many advances in incontinence supplies, especially in the realm of adult diapers and briefs.  Manufacturers have listened to the comments and concerns of their consumers and have improved many aspects of the adult diaper. Major brands put their products through extensive laboratory testing to determine absorbency, comfort ability, odor elimination and fit.  Some of the advances in each of these categories are explained in detail. Absorbency – Brands have added absorbent chemicals or water absorbing crystals to retain water and plastic exteriors prevent leaks and continue to improve this technology.  Along with those advances, disposable diapers are… Read More

Diabetes Testing Supplies from J & B Medical

Diabetes Testing Supplies are covered by Medicare and/or your insurance company with little or no cost to you! It’s Simple and EASY!   Call J&B Toll Free 1-800-737-0045 to speak with a live customer service representative or fill out our J&B Diabetes Enrollment Form to have a J&B Customer Care  Team  representative contact you.  We obtain your Prescription from your Physician for you and handle the paperwork for you.  We bill your Medicare and/or Private and Supplemental Insurance for you. *You may only be responsible for your deductible and co-pay, if applicable.  J&B will ship your Diabetic Testing Supplies to your home… Read More

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Welcome to the Diaper Buys Blog! We will keep you informed on issues that matter most to you. Topics will focus both on baby matters in addition to adult brief use. Feel free to have a look around!

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