Three Simple Tips That Make Changing Babies Easier

To new parents changing a wet baby can be more stressful and involved than disarming a bomb.  They’re constantly looking for signs of discomfort, they can’t remember if they’re supposed to lotion before they powder, and they’re worried that the next wrong move can lead to a nasty case of diaper rash.  Changing baby diapers doesn’t have to feel like solving a Rubik’s cube.  If you follow these tips the next time your baby needs a fresh diaper you’ll be a diaper-changing expert in no time.

Place Supplies As Far From the Baby as Possible

When your baby is fussing about being changed their hands and feet tend to find tubes of diaper cream and soiled diapers.  When you change your baby make sure that you leave the area around them as bare as possible.  You don’t want them knocking over important supplies, or soiling anything important.  You should also try to remove socks, mittens, and loose clothing before you change them to avoid stains.

Have Dry Towels Nearby

Many parents tend to run into problems when the time comes to apply diaper cream and use wet wipes.  After they handle the supplies their hands feel greasy, and it makes it more difficult to grip things.  Changing a baby can be very moist, and slippery hands can make changing your baby difficult and dangerous.  Make sure you have a dry towel close to your changing station so you can avoid literal slip-ups.

Have a Distraction

It’s difficult to find a baby that doesn’t fuss when it’s time to get their diaper changed.  A lot of parents take longer than usual to change diapers because their babies are squirming, crying, and generally moving around.  Many parents find that it helps to install a mobile above their changing table so that their baby has something to look at and entertain them when they’re getting their diapers changed.  It keeps the baby focused on the colorful objects, and not the ongoing diaper change.

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