We Have the Best Discounts – and Free Shipping Too!

If you’ve been anywhere on our site you probably already know about our low prices. We have the most competitive prices online for our discount adult diapers, but of course that’s very easy to say and a lot harder to actually do.

So how do we support our claims? Every day we scour the web looking out our competitors’ prices in order to ensure our prices on incontinence supplies are the lowest. We also buy all of our products directly from the manufacturers. With no middle man, that means we can provide even LOWER prices. Furthermore, we buy and ship all our own products from our own 150,000 sq ft distribution warehouse to reduce overhead costs even more.

Our free product samples also guarantee that you end up with the best products for your needs, and won’t end up buying the wrong product. Because even though we offer the lowest prices, wasting a whole package of incontinence supplies you aren’t able to use is ultimately a waste of money. Our great customer service and product finder will also find the best items to maximize your money.

Additionally, we offer free standard shipping on all continental U.S. orders. Anyone who has shopped online knows this is an integral component to saving money, because even with the very best prices or diaper coupons, shipping fees can totally wipe out any savings, and you could actually end up paying more than you would in the store.

Low prices, free product samples, and free shipping – what more could you ask for? Let us help you save on your incontinence supplies now.

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